Saturday, August 20, 2011

How He Bleeds Into Both His Lungs.

He died at such a young age. It was a mechanical death, so to speak- for it was his beloved vehicle that drove him into a premature grave. Or perhaps it was simply his reckless iron heart.

I don't know him. He was just a character in a story narrated to me by a colleague. I was not there when the accident happened, nor was I there to receive him for treatment, and certainly I did not witness his last moments on earth.

This is why he is merely another patient, another diagnosis, another case worth discussing with fellow doctors in hope to learn.

He can never be a person to me. I know not his name, nor his face, and I have not any hints about his upbringing, nor a glimpse into his personality; to construct an image in my head.

And as such, I do not grieve for him, but for his youth of fourteen.


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