Saturday, June 11, 2011

If it very much irritates, but I keep at it- I never seem to demonstrate my wish for it to go away. Strike that. It is dangerous fishing words out of your mind. Especially when you are forcing them out- and trying to impress with how clever it sounds while at the same time conveniently forgetting that you have no reader at all and also letting drown in the delusion that there are admirers out there. I do feel I am a classic Narcissus (not that there is any other kind).
I had a theory sprung out from my cluttered mind a while back. I was just awed at how much of “dumbing myself” that I have been doing all this time without actually realizing it however subconsciously have mastered the art. The theory is: the amount of dumbing out a girl does is proportional to how many men there are in the room. This has so far been true for me and I know it is. My god, they are so easily fooled. Give them just a slice moment of being the “provider”, and they think they are god and you are golden. The thing is, they think it’s all them, when it really is us with the cards at hand.


Blogger izzatul irdina said...

I read your entries, and I still do. Come back soon, aye?

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