Monday, May 02, 2011

dear goodness, i haven't had anything from 2011 in here. it did take a while to digest, when i realized this as i went through this blog to edit out a few stuff. now, i remember having told myself that i wasn't going to delete any of my older posts (the argument being they represent who i once was and influence who i am now), and i remember going through the same process multiple times- of browsing through the posts and feeling tempted to hit the delete button on some, but manage to hold myself; but today i told myself otherwise: if they are bad writing, they are going. back to the initial point- seriously? the last time i wrote in here was december last year? time must have slipped from me because i could have sworn it felt like last month or so that i had that last piece written. oh well.

nonetheless, i feel glad to be back.

i guess though four months have lapsed since i last visited with any words, that stretch of time isn't proportional to any exciting development in my life. i am still in stagnant water. work keeps adding on, and that's about all that moves. i choose to seclude myself and i know the consequence- cause there is so much you can do without company; so this isn't a complaint. i just wish i had something to write about other than my imagination.

in this small space of time we call now, i am like the dent in a metal bar- depressed: made there or accidentally formed or willingly announced itself; pick a pick.

i don't have a story of my own to tell, but i won't even bother to compensate with one i tell myself.

i wish a stranger somewhere out there is listening. although i don't have trust in people.


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