Sunday, May 03, 2009

Much Said

... about OIAM 3. That's One in A Million 3 for you unfamiliar ones. Yes, I did watch it, although to my defense, I wasn't an avid follower, and I did not watch any of the previous seasons and by heavens, of course I did not vote. The only reason I watched this one whenever I happened by it on t.v. is Esther. It is understood that I do not like Tomok. But it came as no surprise that he won. I am not however about to review the final show.

It says a lot that I am breaking a long hiatus to write about this particular OIAM contestant. He should take this as a compliment or I would feel insulted (although that is not within his control). I am writing about Nine. I must first make clear that I am neutral about him. I wasn't a supporter. Having said that, I do give credit to independent musicians. Perhaps this really isn't about Nine, but about M.Nasir. Yes, I am still in grief over missing his recent concert =(

"If this was to be my last performance in OIAM, then I am satisfied." Nine said something like this prior to performing Keroncong Untuk Ana during the top 4 show. If he knows Murphy, I think he wouldn't have said that. The first thing that formed in my head after I heard him say that was "well, that does it... you're going home next week." That's the way karma works, students of the world!

Two conclusions can be drawn from Nine's insufficient votes. First, people did not appreciate the performance and did not vote for him or worst voted against him. Second, he is simply not Malaysia's top favorites- somebody has got to go to make it 3, and it isn't hard to see how Nine is the easy pick. The latter conclusion is a matter of mentality. The former is a shame- like the time when I found out some of my classmates don't know who Aishwarya Rai is and when shown a picture of her, said that she is not pretty. When beauty stares you in your face but you cannot see it.

If it only takes one to make a difference, then Mr. Nine, I applauded you that night. This again is a massive compliment. Most of the work of M.Nasir is very dear to me. Just see my face flinch whenever I hear someone say they want to cover M.Nasir. That is just at their mere intention, not yet the execution. I have yet to hear any M.Nasir cover I agree with, until you. I wouldn't go as far as saying that it rivals or was comparable to the original, but most importantly is, you interpreted the song into different genres and did it well. To be able to carry out such a task well is like transporting a most delicate thing in your hands without crushing it. There is no second M.Nasir, hence, that you didn't murder the song; although that does not seem to be much of a praise, I assure you is more than it might appear to be.

Perhaps you chose a bad time to pay tribute to M.Nasir. Perhaps you did not meet the theme for organizing a teaser concert for what you have to offer in the future- I don't imagine you and your band taking on that direction of performance, but I wouldn't say that it was the major contributor to your weak counts. People vote for what they like. Let the judges worry about the rest- but how do two go against too many?

I thought the reggae arrangement of the song was brilliant. I was curious if it was going to work, but I loved how it sounded. Well then, I didn't intend for this to be written from me to you, but I guess things have a way of turning themselves. If you happen across this, I hope it has been a pat on the back.


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i dont like tomok either :P

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