Thursday, May 28, 2009

if i could see blue, red, white, yellow and purple lights; would i blind myself? would i steer away from a glowing mesmerizing thing or being just so i could preserve another sense desperately needing to be saved from a threat i may well not even know is or isn't there? why does it matter if words do not make sense? why do we strive for meaning? why does it frustrate and devastate so? i ask but why don't i ask why i am asking if my asking suggests that none carry a decent weight at all? my mind spins and races until when i shut my eyes to try to calm the growing explosion, i only have rapidly swinging pendulum behind my eyelids. i should not be mistaken for a strong oak. when i crumble and my thick skin peels, and you see only a supple core instead of the metal piece you have always imagined, what am i then?


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