Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2008 Empirio Armani Diamonds For Men Commercial

I was not aware of this in the year 2008. It was only just now that I saw the ad on tv. My eyes weren't really focused on the screen, but my ears caught familiar sounds. I tried to to dig the crevices of my memory to produce a song title when the lyrics came: "We spies, we slow hands...."

Slow Hands playing in the background of a commercial for male fragrance is not an easy phenomenon to go about in my head. I won't bother to explain why that is so; for the shock I am still experiencing and for short of time. To further aggravate this repulsion is when I found out that Josh Hartnett was the star. I do not like him. I simply don't. And I suppose it would be the cause of me reasoning over this if the concept of the video was any unique or intriguing at least. But no. How much more lame can you get? A Hollywood actor playing the kind of attention Hollywood actors get. Really?

I am possessive towards the music I love. For keeping good music all to myself, I have nothing to apologize for.

I am pretty sure this will hang above me and accompany my sleep into a dream where I am a crusader against injustice to songs, beating Josh and the video director in the face with a baseball bat. Yes, much violence for the kids, but these recent days, people are great to make me want to bash their head.

See for yourself. If it makes you crazy (in the bad way) afterwards, well, then I'd have a friend on this one.


Blogger Fifer said...

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3:15 PM  
Blogger Fifer said...

Haha Amy! I was going to write a post on Vincent about this but I got caught up with my quest to find the best looking fruit. I too saw it for the first time the way you did. By way of ear. I was astonished! Completely stunned to hear such a sound on LOCAL television. To hear Interpol SELLOUT. And of all songs, Slow Hands! One of my favorites. It took me awhile to assess how I truly felt about it and at first I was quick to fret over such commercial exposure of such an "exclusive" band as Interpol, as I too am "possessive" of music I love. Minutes after seeing it I could already picture all the new groupies gathering at youtube and true enough you can find that aplenty down at youtube. However, when I paid more attention to the commercial itself, I didn't feel such a harsh criticism of it as you do (although I thought I would) and this here is where we differ. I think the song actually does suit the commercial to some extent but I hate that it's a commercial. I would have preferred if it was a movie scene. True, a Hollywood movie star acting as a Hollywood movie star to give the mass consumers the idea that if they sprayed on some Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men, they too would be able to experience crazy screaming girls and flashing lights each time they step out of the car with SLOWHANDS PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND is lame! Admittedly though, I did like how they made it in black and white. And get this, I DO THINK JOSH HARTNETT LOOKED HOT IN IT! I know, you just lost my number and can't remember how I look like.

Now, while I still don't agree with commercializing Interpol in that manner and the ensuing interest by posers and wannabes. But if they HAD to do it sooner or later, that wasn't so bad =}

I just wish they'd stop airing it already! I don't like hearing bits of such a kick ass song on TV3! Especially in between commercials during the 8 o'clock news. For God's sake! That is not how I can enjoy Interpol or the thought of Interpol.

3:27 PM  
Blogger amy said...

For a second there, I did lose your number and forgot how you look=p Nah, we can have our differences.

I agree, I'd have less of a reaction if it were a movie scene. Something about a commercial that does it to you.

I too wish they'd stop airing it like that. It's painful to hear.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Only Kye said...

I like Josh Hartnett. But I dislike more that my Slow Hands has been used for.... capitalism. :(

10:56 AM  

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