Monday, January 19, 2009


i have been needing my beta agonist inhaler for the past few weeks. so i cannot kid myself into not taking the steroid inhaler as well. yes, the early morning cough and exercise-induced chest tightness are not going to settle themselves.

mogwai is coming this wednesday. WEDNESDAY! well, it's not like i can go even if it's on the weekend. i cannot afford RM148 ticket. but ultimately i cannot afford to put my sanity on the table and role the dice for the crowd.

is there a description beyond sick at people killing each other? that would apply to me.

i have been having that foot-on-gas-pedal-and-drive-off-the-cliff feeling again. i will be driving to classes for the week. do you think i'm crazy? i think i'm on autopilot- student/daughter autopilot.

hit the switch!


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